Haakon VII's gate 5

0161 Oslo - NORWAY

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Photos: Norwegian Seafood Council/Phuong Costello


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Our Brand

Gamvik on the northernmost tip of the European continent is a truly remarkable place. The unique light, the harsh wilderness and old marine traditions were all strong inspirations when developing Gamvik, the new quality brand in seafood.


The elements in the logo represents the midnight sun, the deep cold sea and the northernmost onshore lighthouse in the world, Slettnes Fyr - a landmark to sailors and fishermen also found in the area. 

The Gamvik brand incorporates top quality cuts of white and red fish from the cold waters of the Barents Sea, along with the highly sought after King Crab from the surrounding fjords. 

Seafood from Norway

The Norwegian Fish Council represents Norwegian seafood abroad and have strong guidelines regarding quality and sustainability. The Norwegian Fish Council supports initiatives to increase consumption of Norwegian seafood in markets around the world.